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Popular questions to ask your higher self:

  • What your life's purpose is?

  • Are you on your right path?

  • Am I in the right career or on the right path for my career?

  • Why do I have this health condition and is there anything I can do to heal from it?

  • Do you have any karmic debt?

  • Have I had any past lives with my spouse/ best friend/ mother, etc?

  • Why is this person in my life?

  • Why do you have the kind of life that you have?

  • Why certain things have happened to you?

  • What did that dream that I had mean?

  • Can I be healed of this physical / emotional ailment?

  • Are you carrying any traumas from past lives?

  • Will I see my spouse/ best friend/ relative after I die?

  • Will I find romantic love/ friendship in this life?

  • How do I avoid passing trauma to my children?

  • What talents do I have or what talents am I under using?

  • How can I heal from this experience I had?

  • Do I have any guardian angels or spirit guides?

  • How can I stay connected to my loved ones who have passed over?

  • I've had contact with ETs/ spirits/ ghosts, what does this mean?

  • What foods should I eat/ avoid to be healthier

  • Why do I feel a connection to a certain person/ place/ animal?

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