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  • Wear comfortable clothes

  • Bring your own pillow, if you like

  • Please keep caffeine intake at a minimum prior to your session

  • Be sure to take your medications as needed

  • No recreational drugs or alcohol prior to your appointment

  • Please refrain from wearing cologne or perfume

  • Be sure to eat something after your session. This will help to ground you.

  • Drink plenty of water after your session

  • Practice mediation (youtube has many guided meditations for visualization)

  • Write a list of about 10-20 questions that you would like answered by your higher self as well as any physical ailments or addictions you would like instant relief from. Bring this with you to your session. 

  • Plan your day accordingly… the session is a minimum 4 hours (2 hour interview and 2 hour session) but will take as long as it takes

 Tips to remember:

  1. Whenever I ask you a question - trust and say the very first thing that comes to mind

  2. When I ask you to see something - see it in as much detail as possible

  3. Talk, talk, talk! I can’t see what you are seeing so you have to talk to me. Act like you are the reporter relaying the scene.

  4. It's ok to feel like you are aware during your session.  We are evolving as humans so amnesia hypnosis is not as common anymore.

  5. It is important that you have NO expectations about how your session will go. No two sessions are alike and every session is UNIQUE to the individual. The session is orchestrated by your Higher Self because it knows you best and knows exactly what you need.

After your session you will receive a recording of your session emailed. It is highly recommended to listen to your recording every night for 3 consecutive nights following your session. More information/ answers can come through along with more healing.  Listening to your recording periodically can take you back to the vibrational healing state you were in during your session.  This is a valuable tool to keep and listen to for a lifetime. 

After your session you may want time to process your session experience and keep that evening clear of social events or work.


Be sure to drink plenty of water after your session to help flush out any toxins from your system.  You may also want to have the following Fruit smoothie mix to help flush your system out after your session:

Beet root




Blend all together with an apple (use your own discretion for the amount of each)



Only the person having the session will be allowed in. Family or friends will have to come back at the estimated finish time and wait outside. There are no exceptions.


***Due to limitations, persons that have schizophrenia, dementia or are deaf cannot have a session done on them.  Please ask about surrogate healing in these cases.


***Must be 16 years of age or older. For children under 16 years of age, please ask about surrogate healing.

Please feel free to reach out prior to your session if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, I will see you on your scheduled day!

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